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3 Ways To Travel And Maintain Your Wellness Business

Traveling And Teaching

One of the many perks of owning and running your own wellness business is that you can do things your way!

And one of those perks is that you can travel and STILL MAKE MONEY!


Let me share with you 3 ways to make money while you are away....

1. Virtual Sessions

When I travel I encourage my clients to keep their schedules and to still participate in their program. I continue to offer my services virtually! They continue to get the results they are desiring and I still have the opportunity to teach my clients.

2. Pre Recorded Sessions

Sometimes when traveling the change of time can become an issue. In these cases I have prerecorded my clients sessions and made them available for their sessions. They still get an amazing workout customized for them. This is great for mat classes as well. Your clients can log into their mat classs and attend just as usual minus it has already been recorded for them.

3. Hire a Substitute

On occassions I have hired a substitiute. Say a client needs more than a prerecorded class and I can't see them virtually I hire a substitute to teach them virtually. This is where continuing to stay active in your comminuty and network with other is really important. Just because you are working in your own micro studio doesn't mean you have to stick to yourself. Continue to network and be involved with other wellness providers. Even when you are paying a substitute you are still making some money off the top. ( I will cover hiring substitutes in another blog post in the future.)

Traveling and working can be a bit complicated with timing and finding a space but it is totally doable. You can get creative along the way as well. You can still earn an income while you travel. There is also the option to take the time off and just pay yourself vacation time ( covered in a future blog post). But, sometimes you are gone too long to justify a month long paid vacation and don't want to leave your clients in the dust, so having some alternative ways to continue to see them is very helpful for you, your clients and your business.

Go see the world! Adventure and Pilates Is Out There!

Peace, Love and Pilates


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