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How to take your love of FITNESS and turn it into a work from home business

I opened my first home base business close to 20 years ago...

I started with a mat!

Facebook wasn't what it is today...

There wasn't an instagram yet..

For sure not a TikTok...

Not even sure Pinterest was around yet...

And yet I had a thriving business!

If you are already in the fitness industry, or you love fitness and you are looking for a fun job that you can do from home..

This is for YOU!!!

1. Step ONE.....

Get Certified in the area of fitness you want to teach.

Even though you will be working from home and teaching the style you want to teach you want to make sure you are knowledgable on fundamentals and safety measures. This is one of those steps you want to not skip on!

2. Step TWO

Get CPR Certified

Another step you have to do to ensure that your future clients will be safe in your care is to get CPR certified. Things happen...without any notice...and you need to be prepared in the event of an emergency that you are educated on life saving skills.

3. Step Three ( Now let's get into the fun stuff)

Where will you be running your business

Find a space that you want to teach in or from...

this could be your garage like I use..

A living room...

A bedroom..


rented space??

4. Step FOUR

Virtual/ In Person

Will your services be in person or virtually...

If you are virtually teaching you will need to set up differently than in person...

You will require a computer and camera if nothing else...

later on you can add lighting and mics in.

Air pods are great for teaching and for the microphone that it has.

With In person, you will need certain equipment...a mat perhaps.

A mat is not required for virtual it depends on your teaching style.

5. Step 5


You need to make sure you have the correct insurance to cover your business....

if you own your home you might need an umbrella policy.

Call your insurance agent to go over your needs.

Otherwise there are several wellness professional insurances available that you can compare with a simple google search.

6. Step SIX

Utilize social media to the fullest...

Let everyone know what your are doing...

how they can join..

when you are opening..

what your schedule is...

why come to you...

7. Step 7


How are you going to accept payments? Unless you are going to be giving your services away for free...which I would advise against, since you are growing a business right!!

Cash? Cash Apps? Credit Cards?

8. Step 8


What are your business policies...and expectations?

Will you have a cancellation and booking policy?

9. Step 9

Create A Website

You don't have to have a website right away but in order for people to find you and streamline your business you will need one eventually.

10. Step 10

Mentorship/ Support

Many individuals that are in the wellness and teaching business aren't marketing and business trained individuals, and the running and back end of the business is the part which holds us back from being successful...

The support of mentorship helps move the needle along at a faster rate than if you go at it alone.

If you are thinking of opening a wellness space no matter how small or big download my guide to forever clients is a great resource to get you started on landing those clients.

If you are ready to take the leap and want to learning more about my business coaching opportunities click HERE and schedule a break out call with ME!


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