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Remind Your Body Of The Potential It Holds!

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"I've left feeling the best I have felt in years"

"After an 
embarrassing fall while on vacation I knew I need to do something. Working with Tiffany has given me the confidence of being able to get up if I am to fall down." 

I decided this was my year to get in shape and was shocked when I couldn't do basic exercises like I thought I would be able to do....Tiffany has taught to use my core again and use muscles I forgot I had"

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My Story

I got into active aging when I was in my early 20's when I found myself with mainly older clientele who had incredible stories and goals.

I had a man come see me and he was in a wheel chair and him and his wife were going on a cruise.  

He said he wanted to be able to get up and walk to the rail of the ship and watch the sun set with his sweet heart.

We worked for six months and he went on that cruise and he walked to the rail and watched that sunset with his sweetheart....

But then what happened next shattered me...

He waited three months to come back to training after he returned from his vacation. 

He had declined so fast and had given up on any desire to dream any other dream. 

He had lived his dream and he was over dreaming.

I felt so sad and devastated over how hard we work to reach our goals but how quickly we decline once we give up on ourselves.

I moved into active aging so I can better assists my clients.

I work on movement patterning...injury prevention and recovery...

as well goal setting and vision planning.

Everyone has so much to do in the world but sometimes we need a little help in achieving that vision and getting to where we would like to be...

and that is what I am here for!

Through the use of pilates and active aging techniques I powerfully impact my clients lives daily.

Please set up a break out call and get started on your story today!


Tiffany Bodnariuk

Certified Pilates Instructor

"Let's get moving and see what you are capable of!"

Tiffany has been teaching Pilates for 18 years and has worked at some of the most prestigious gyms in the country. She holds a Pilates Certification through Peak Pilates and is CPR certified. She has worked with special injury specific clients, pre-natal and post natal as well as working with children with Sports/ Activity specific workout program designs. She specializes in aging and focusing on injury prevention specific training.

Tiffany is also a Mom of three. So she totally gets how hard it is to prioritize yourself. She loves 80s and 90s Pop Culture and Is total Pilates Nerd!

Tiffany works with each client to reach their individual goals and tailors a program that is specific to them.

She invites you to schedule an Introductory session so that you can get started on achieving your goals today!


What People are saying


I started training with Tiffany late ‘21. I was looking for a private instructor that was trained in the traditional Joseph Pilates method which is the method I prefer. I was also looking for a regular weekly schedule after being away from Pilates for a couple of years. Tiffany was able to personalize a program/practice for me with emphasis on building strength, flexibility and balance. She is great to work with!


I love how Tiffany personalizes my work outs to strengthen weak spots. I have gone to physical therapy before and it has helped, but, working with an experienced professional like Tiffany is what has made the difference in my physical recovery. I also love having a virtual class option so I never miss a work out and stay consistent.


Tiffany is so clear with her instructions and demonstrations on how to properly do the exercises. Starting back after 5 years of no exercise at all she gives me alternatives as I build my strength and flexibility. I’ll be 65 in August and I can honestly say that she’s got me on my way to staying strong and fit and understands what I need at my age.


Our Address:

We are located at a Private address near La Palma and Fairmont in Anaheim Hills. Please email us for more information.

Text Me:

‪(714) 485-9423

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