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How To Go From Making 3k a Month to 10k A month!

I remember when I first started my Pilates Career...

Now this was 20 years ago....

But I had a planner and it had four rows for each day with all the hours of the day lined.

I had at least four studios I would work at.

I would run all over town...

And it just wiped me.

So when you think about how much money you are making...

and how many classes you are teaching...

how much running around are you also doing?

When you are working 30 hours but spending another 20 hours running is worth your dollars per hour?

So after your take home...

and your insurance...

your car maintenance...or transportation fees.

How much does your hourly actually end up being?

There comes a point where you reach the cap...and that is about as much as you are going to make playing that chase the next session game.

So truly make a jump in your career and business there are 2 impact changes you must make!

1. You Must Stop The Run Around

Work in one place stop the run around.

Create a small space that is your own. So you can find long lasting clients that are a perfect fit for you and you can charge an appropriate amount. This doesn't mean you must have a fully equipment loaded studio ready to go. It can be very basic...which I cover in another post.

2. Stop selling packages (gasp)

I know, I know!

In order to create the income you desire and to keep your clients committed so that your income is steady you MUST switch from packages to running a program.

Why a program

1. It more elite than just running classes off a package.

2. People will try to bleed those packages and take their time...and you don't have time for any of that!

3. It is a more stream line way to run your business and for you to reach the financial goals that you wish to attain!

If you are ready to charge your Pilates Career to the next level it is time to schedule that break out call! Let's do it!

Cant' wait to talk!


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