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I want to start a home Pilates/ Yoga business but I have NO Money, Zilch, to get it up and running!

Hi Friend,

Let me first start by telling you at the beginning very few of us know what we are doing!

And many times we are starting with very little or no money to do it.


Here is the good news!

You don't need much to start!

You need the very basics...

Now depending on how you would like to teach you don't even need a mat.

I occasionally get my mat out but for the most part I am nose deep into my computer so that I can focus on form.

So with that said you need some basics if you are teaching clients virtually,

and that is a computer and access to reliable wifi!!

If you are seeing in person clients you will need some basic equipment such as a mat, maybe some small balls and bands...

These are fairly inexpensive.

Here are some tips on getting some of the basics...

1. Make a Facebook post and ask your friends and family if they have any of the desired items you need that they are willing to part with letting them know of your new exciting endeavor ...this is FREE!!!

2. Send out texts to family and friends asking the same....FREE!

3. Join FB groups like the Pilates Marketplace

4. Search the Facebook marketplace

5. Craigslist is still a great resource for pilates equipment.

6. See if any studios near you are downsizing or closing...I attained many of my times this way including my beautiful Joseph Pilates Prints.

7. Next try thrift stores or discount sporting good stores.

8. If you have time to wait on shipping Alibibi, Shein and Aliexpress have fitness items as well.

10. Ask people on Next-door if they have items they are no longer using.

But you have no money...

Ok get creative...

offer a virtual fundraiser class...

sell the class for $10 or they can just donate in support...

Spread the word on what you are doing...

And you will find support!

Use that money to buy a computer if you need to...

A light...

An microphone/ headphones..

this is probably the most expensive part unless you are doing Pilates equipment.

But to just get up and running you don't have to have it all day one...

It's a walk not run!

You will get there!!

All for now!'



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